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How To Grab Your Audience’s Attention

Last week I attended the Global Speakers Summit in Dublin. What a brilliant event it was hearing speakers from all over the world speak on a range of topics.

Part of the event was celebrating up-and-coming talent within the speaking profession, with ‘The Speaker Factor’ competition. The audience was treated to 5 minute talks from a line up of very talented speakers. I enjoyed everyone’s contribution and didn’t envy the judges’ task in selecting a winner!

I was, however, intrigued to observe that everyone used a story to start their speech. Now I am a great fan of storytelling and sharing case studies within communication. They are powerful ways to communicate and be memorable.

BUT, there are a number of ways to start a speech, presentation, pitch or even a contribution in a meeting. The “When I was a boy” or “My grannie used to tell me” opening styles become samey and tedious when everyone is using this method.

There are many ways of starting a presentation or every type of business conversation: I keep a list of new and innovative ideas!  Being able to set the scene; let your audience know what you are speaking about; creating curiosity and motivation to listen to you are powerful ways to start a speech or conversation. Using a story at the beginning of a speech or presentation is one way; but there are other, equally powerful ways to do this.

This is one of many skills we cover in our Presentation and Public Speaking workshops. Using the SuperStar Communicator Methodology we support everyone to be more confident speaking; demonstrate credibility; impact and clarity. We have a number of models and systems we share with attendees that help create and deliver great speeches and presentations.

“We believe it is important to create a safe environment for everyone to learn, improve and discover their authentic speaking style whilst demonstrating their credibility”

These workshops are available in your businesses; to teams at all levels. We tailor the content based on the requirements of your team. They are also available as virtual workshops and masterclasses.

How do we learn how  to read other people’s emotions from their facial expressions? This is, of course, an essential skill as a communicator; both to read other’s emotions and to show them to our audiences. We have the perfect guest to discuss this and I guarantee you will discover LOADS of information!

Our next Live is an interview with Professor of Psychology from Durham University, Dr Paddy Ross. He has been researching how young children learn how to read emotions and how we have adapted how we show emotions when wearing masks.

Date: 12th October at 1pm BST.

I have so much to ask Paddy because this is all about non-verbal communication. And you can ask questions too, during the live stream. If you can’t make the time, please send your question to Susan. The session is recorded.

Finally, I have availability for some coaching sessions with individual clients. If you are preparing a speech; are going for an important job interview? Have been invited to be a panellist? Or even wish to make more impact in a meeting, why not book a call to discuss how we could ensure you demonstrate credibility, impact and confidence?

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